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  1. ارسال شده در 03/04/2024 03/04/2024 دسته‌ها خانه ...

  2. vetbooks.irVetBooks

    Textbook of Veterinary Orthopaedic Surgery. by Hari Prasad Aithal, Amar Pal, Prakash Kinjavdekar, Abhijit M Pawde December 2023 This textbook emphasizes the fundamentals of bone... Surgery, Orthopedics & Trauma. VetBooks.

  3. پست های اخیر. جادهٔ موسیقی: سهند بوک; خرید رپورتاژ آگهی ارزان : استاندارد وب ایران

  4. May 14, 2023 · دنیای کتاب. خلاصه کتاب های جدید. فهرست و ابزارک‌ها. پست های اخیر. ارتقای ابعاد آموزشی و تفریحی خانه بازی

  5. Daybooks is a range of accounting software designed to make the keeping of accounting records as simple as possible whilst affording the user all the benefits of a double entry-based accounting system but with the ease of single-entry recording.

  6. A daybook or the book of original entries is a book used by an entity to record initial accounting transactions as and when they occur. These transactions are recorded without categorization and any specific account types. These transactions are recorded chronologically to record the date and amount only.

  7. The solution. Microsoft Excel tools to make everyday accounting easier. Solutions for budgeting (financial planning and analytics), VAT compliance, receipts and payment accounts, business expenses and full functional double entry bookkeeping.